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iCGS-2019-156 Mechanics Based Design of Structures and Machines, An International Journal Created : April, 30 2020
iCGS-2019-155 Journal of Leisure Research Created : April, 28 2020
iCGS-2019-154 Heliyon Journal Created : April, 27 2020
iCGS-2019-153 BMC Public Health Created : April, 24 2020
iCGS-2019-152 Dalton Transactions Created : April, 24 2020
iCGS-2019-151 BMC Public Health Created : April, 20 2020
iCGS-2019-150 Construction and Building Materials Created : April, 20 2020
iCGS-2019-148 TESOL Journal Created : April, 10 2020
iCGS-2019-147 Journal of Insects as Food and Feed Created : April, 7 2020
iCGS-2019-144 International Journal of Food Science and Technology Created : April, 3 2020
iCGS-2019-143 The Language Learning Journal Created : April, 3 2020
iCGS-2019-140 International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology Created : March, 31 2020
iCGS-2019-139 Malaria Journal Created : March, 25 2020
iCGS-2019-138 PLOS ONE Created : March, 25 2020
iCGS-2019-136 Journal of Ethnopharmacology Created : March, 17 2020
iCGS-2019-134 BMC WOMEN’S HEALTH Created : March, 14 2020
iCGS-2019-133 Food Control Created : March, 9 2020
iCGS-2019-132 Educational Technology Research & Development (ETRD) Created : March, 6 2020
iCGS-2019-131 Pharmacognosy Magazine Created : March, 4 2020
iCGS-2019-125 TESOL Quarterly Created : February, 28 2020
iCGS-2019-124 Tropical Medicine and Health Created : February, 27 2020
iCGS-2019-121 Journal of Food Composition and Analysis Created : February, 26 2020
iCGS-2019-120 Construction and Building Materials Created : February, 24 2020
iCGS-2019-117 Journal of Soil and Water Conservation Created : February, 17 2020
iCGS-2019-115 Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Created : February, 12 2020
iCGS-2019-113 International Journal of Food Properties Created : February, 5 2020
iCGS-2019-112 BMC Infectious Diseases Created : February, 5 2020
iCGS-2019-110 Zoonoses and Public Health Created : February, 4 2020
iCGS-2019-109 Scientifica Created : February, 4 2020
iCGS-2019-107 Scientific Reports Created : January, 31 2020
iCGS-2019-103 Plos One Created : January, 23 2020
iCGS-2019-102 Medical Journal of Australia Created : January, 21 2020
iCGS-2019-097 LWT-Food Science and Technology Created : January, 17 2020
iCGS-2019-095 Heliyon Created : January, 13 2020
iCGS-2019-094 BioMed Research International Created : January, 13 2020
iCGS-2019-090 Heliyon Created : January, 11 2020
iCGS-2019-088 Diabetes & Metabolic Syndrome: Clinical Research & Reviews Created : January, 7 2020
iCGS-2019-087 Ethnic Foods Created : January, 3 2020
iCGS-2019-085 English Teaching and Learning Created : December, 29 2019
iCGS-2019-084 Heliyon Created : December, 29 2019
iCGS-2019-082 Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism Created : December, 26 2019
iCGS-2019-081 BMC Public Health Created : December, 25 2019
iCGS-2019-080 Journal of The Korean Ceramic Society Created : December, 25 2019
iCGS-2019-067 Scientia Pharmaceutica Created : September, 19 2019
iCGS-2019-065 Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management Created : September, 12 2019
iCGS-2019-060 The Philippine Agricultural Scientist Created : September, 5 2019
iCGS-2019-056 Wood Material Science and Engineering Created : August, 27 2019
iCGS-2019-054 Diabetes Mellitus Created : August, 22 2019
iCGS-2019-052 BMC Infectious Diseases Created : August, 22 2019
iCGS-2019-051 Process Biochemistry Created : August, 14 2019
iCGS-2019-050 Food Bioscience Created : August, 14 2019
iCGS-2019-049 Oilseeds and fats, Crops and Lipids Created : August, 14 2019
iCGS-2019-043 International Food Research Journal (IFRJ) Created : July, 26 2019
iCGS-2019-042 Journal of Food Science and Technology Created : July, 26 2019
iCGS-2019-039 Engineering Studies Created : July, 18 2019
iCGS-2019-037 Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering Created : July, 5 2019
iCGS-2019-036 Journal of Food Science Created : July, 4 2019
iCGS-2019-031 Journal of Tropical Medicine Created : June, 28 2019
iCGS-2019-029 BMC Pediatrics Created : June, 14 2019
iCGS-2019-027 Pathology Created : June, 8 2019
iCGS-2019-008 Journal of Public Health Created : May, 13 2019
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iCGS-2019-149 Nirattisai Rakmak and Archw Promraksa*. (2022). The influence of longitudinal dispersion on the capacity and stability of UASB operation with substrate inhibition. South African Journal of Chemical Engineering ,39 (1), 1-11. Created : April, 13 2020
iCGS-2019-145 Jutidharabongse J., Aujirapongpan S., Ritkaew S. (2020). DYNAMIC KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT CAPABILITY AND STRATEGIC INTUITION OF THAI ENTREPRENEURS. . Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Issue,7 (4), 2955-2966. Created : April, 3 2020
iCGS-2019-142 Sujittra Poorahong, David J. Harding and Mohamed Siaj. (2020). Hollow molybdenum oxide-graphene oxide spheres as a binder-free electrocatalyst membrane with enhanced hydrogen evolution efficiency. Materials Letters,272 (-), 1-4. Created : April, 2 2020
iCGS-2019-141 Thanongsak IMJAI1, and Monthian SETKIT1 . Flexural strengthening of damaged low strength concrete beams using PTMS and/or NSM techniques. Case studies in Construction Materials . Created : March, 31 2020
iCGS-2019-137 Apichai Wattanapisit, Waluka Amaek, Watcharawat Promma, Phatcharawadee Srirug, Uchane Cheangsan, Satit Khwanchum, Wattana Chadakorn, Kanittha Eardmak, Narumon Chadakorn. (2200). Effects of a Workplace-based Virtual-run Intervention Among University Employees. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health,17 2745. Created : March, 23 2020
iCGS-2019-135 Tuempong Wongtawan, Naraphorn Dararatana, Sudsaijai Kornmatijsuk, Bavornlak Oonkhanond. Sex-sorting bovine sperm using microfluidic dielectrophoretic chip. Heliyon. Created : March, 16 2020
iCGS-2019-129 Chompoonoot Nanthamathee and Pongsathorn Dechatiwongse. (2021). Kinetic and thermodynamic studies of neutral dye removal from water using zirconium metal-organic framework analogues. Materials chemistry and physics,258 1-14. Created : March, 3 2020
iCGS-2019-128 Anutian Suklek1, Autchara Kayan1, Jatuporn Rattanasrisomporn2 and Chaiwat Boonkaewwan3*. Isolation of peripheral blood mononuclear cell and the expression of Toll like receptors in Betong chicken. Veterinary World. Created : March, 2 2020
iCGS-2019-127 Tuempong Wongtawan, Kittipong Tachampa. (2020). Unique pattern of cardiogenic and fibrotic gene expression in rat cardiac fibroblasts. Veterinary World. Created : February, 28 2020
iCGS-2019-123 Chettupon Pooljun, Sunisa Daorueang, Wattana Weerachatyanukul, Sataporn Direkbusarakom, Pitchanee Jariyapong . (2020). Enhancement of shrimp health and immunity by oral administration of combined probiotics supplemented diets: A case infected with Vibrio parahaemolyticus. Disease of aquatic organism,140 (-), 37-46. Created : February, 27 2020
iCGS-2019-118 Peerapol KAOIEN1, Wipawee DECHAPANYA1*, Attaso KHAMWICHIT1, and Kowit SUWANNAHONG2 . (2020). Natural Rubber Modification as a Pre-vulcanized Latex Impregnated with TiO2 for Photo-catalytic Degradation of Gaseous Benzene. Haliyon,1 (4), 1-19. Created : February, 19 2020
iCGS-2019-116 Archw Promraksa, Chairat Siripatana, Nirattisai Rakmak and Nititorn Chusri. (2020). Modeling of Tocopherol Extraction from Palm Oil and Extraction of Oil from Pressed Oil-Palm Fibers by Supercritical Carbon Dioxide: Unified Broken and Intact Cells and Application of Volumetric Axial Dispersion Formulation. The Journal of Supercritical Fluids,166 (1). Created : February, 17 2020
iCGS-2019-108 Sarapee Chanatup, Somnuk Aujirapongpan*, Supit Ritkaew. (2020). THE INFLUENCE OF CORPORATE GOVERNANCE MECHANISM ON THE INTEGRATED FINANCIAL REPORTING AND INVESTMENT RISK OF THAI LISTED COMPANIES. Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Issue,7 (4), 2818-2831. Created : February, 3 2020
iCGS-2019-106 Aujirapongpan S., Songkakorn Y., Deelers S., Ritkaew S., Jutidharabongse J. (2020). STRATEGIC INTUITION DEVELOPMENT IN HUMAN RESOURCES OF THAI SOCIAL CONTEXT . International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change,14 (2), 547-560. Created : January, 30 2020
iCGS-2019-104 Suthon Srivaro*, Jaipet Tomad , Jingbo Shi and Jiabin Cai. (2020). Potential of using coconut wood (Cocos nucifera) as raw materials for cross laminated timber production. Construction and Building Materials,254. Created : January, 27 2020
iCGS-2019-100 Apichart Atipairin, Somchai Sawatdee. (2020). Development of Spray-Dried Sildenafil Citrate -alpha-cyclodextrin Complexes for Use in Dry Powder Inhalers. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Investigation,10 (1), 93-95. Created : January, 20 2020
iCGS-2019-093 Nonthapan Phasuk and Awirut Nurak . (2020). Characteristics of Children Aged 3 to 36 Months with Fever without a Source in the Community Hospital, southern Thailand. Journal of Primary Care and Community Health,11. Created : January, 11 2020
iCGS-2019-077 Montra Chairat* and Sueptrakool Wisessombat. (2020). Dyeing of silk yarn with the natural extract from the underutilized tropical fruit pericarp of Ptychosperma macarthurii. The Journal of the Textile Institute. Created : December, 23 2019
iCGS-2019-068 Apichai Wattanapisit, Sanhapan Wattanapisit, Sunton Wongsiri. Overview of physical activity counselling in primary care. Korean Journal of Family Medicine. Created : September, 20 2019
iCGS-2019-066 Wandee Chanprasertpinyo, Chaiwat Rerkswattavorn. (2020). Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine status and knowledge of students at a university in rural Thailand. Heliyon,6 (8). Created : September, 16 2019
iCGS-2019-064 Test by Admin. Test by Admin. Test by Admin. Created : September, 11 2019
iCGS-2019-061 Apichai Wattanapisit, Waluka Amaek, Naparat Sukkriang, Sanhapan Wattanapisit, Sunton Wongsiri. Perspectives on using online platforms for promoting running and walking activities. Frontiers in Public Health. Created : September, 10 2019
iCGS-2019-059 Daris Samart and Phongpichit Channuie. (2019). Composite Nambu--Jona-Lasinio inflation near infrared fixed point of the Horava-Lifshitz theory. Physics Letters B. Created : September, 4 2019
iCGS-2019-057 Pokkamol Laoraksawong, Aubonrat Suntaraluk, Watcharapong Kongnil, Pongphan Pongpanitanont, Penchom Janwan. (2020). Prevalence of Soil-transmitted Helminth Infections and Associated Risk Factors among Schoolchildren in Nakhon Si Thammarat . Iranian Journal of Parasitology,15 (3), 0-0. Created : August, 28 2019
iCGS-2019-055 Amit Jaisi. Enhanced plumbagin production in Plumbago indica root culture by simultaneous and sequential dual elicitations using chitosan with ʟ-alanine or methyl-β-cyclodextrin. Bioresources and Bioprocessing. Created : August, 23 2019
iCGS-2019-053 Manas Kotepui, Kwuntida Uthaisar Kotepui. (2019). Prevalence and laboratory analysis of malaria and dengue co-infection: A systematic review and meta-analysis. BMC Public Health,- (-). Created : August, 22 2019
iCGS-2019-047 Apichai Wattanapisit; Chin Hai Teo; Sanhapan Wattanapisit; Emylia Teoh; Wing Jun Woo; Chirk Jenn Ng. Can mobile health apps replace GPs? A scoping review of comparisons between mobile apps and GP tasks. BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making. Created : August, 8 2019
iCGS-2019-046 Somnuk Aujirapongpan and Yuthachai Hareebin. (2020). The Effect of Strategic Intuition, Business Analytic, Networking Capabilities and Dynamic Strategy on Innovation Performance: The Empirical Study Thai Processed Food Exporters. Journal of Asian Finance, Economics and Business,7 (1). Created : July, 30 2019
iCGS-2019-045 Somnuk AUJIRAPONGPAN, Kanookwan MEESOOK , Pornpan THEINSATHID, Chanidapa MANEECHOT . (2020). Performance Evaluation of Community Hospitals in Thailand: An Analysis Based on the Balanced Scorecard Concept . Iranian Journal of Public health,49 (5), 906-913. Created : July, 30 2019
iCGS-2019-044 Somnuk Aujirapongpan and Kanittha Pattanasing. (2020). Integrated PM of Local Hotel Businesses in World Tourism Destination Context: A Case Study of Samui Island Thailand. Asian Academy of Management Journal,25 (1), 1-23. Created : July, 30 2019
iCGS-2019-040 Uthen Thubsuang, Suphawadee Chotirut, Apisit Thongnok, Archw Promraksa, Mudtorlep Nisoa, Nicharat Manmuanpom, Sujitra Wongkasemjit, Thanyalak Chaisuwan. (2020). Facile Preparation of Polybenzoxazine-Based Carbon Microspheres with Nitrogen Functionalities: Effects of Mixed Solvents on Pore Structure and Supercapacitive Performance. Frontiers of Chemical Science and Engineering,in press (in press), 1-15. Created : July, 22 2019
iCGS-2019-035 Naymul Karim, Md. Atiar Rahman , Suksan Changlek, and Jitbanjong Tangpong*. (2019). Xanthone isolated from Garcinia mangostana fruit pericarp attenuates the hepato-/reno-toxicity in high-fat-diet and streptozotocin induced type II diabetes mice. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture,2019 (2019), 1-11. Created : July, 2 2019
iCGS-2019-034 Lanchakon Chunudom [a,b], Montakarn Thongsom [a,b], Naymul Karim [b], Jitbanjong Tangpong* . (2019). Amelioration of oxidative stress and pathological alterations in alloxan-induced diabetes mice by Tithonia diversifolia leaves extract. Chiang Mai Journal of Science ,46 (6), 1096-1106. Created : July, 2 2019
iCGS-2019-033 Podsawat Bunfueang, Siritron Samosorn, John B Bremner, Warayuth Sajomsang, Pattarapond Gonil, Anongnet Saisara and Montra Chairat*. (2019). Additive effects on cotton dyeing with dye extract from achiote seeds. Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research,44 466-474. Created : July, 1 2019
iCGS-2019-030 Sharon E. Lazaro, Adil Alkaş, Seok J. Lee, Shane G. Telfer, Keith S. Murray, Wasinee Phonsri, Phimphaka Harding and David J. Harding. (2019). Abrupt spin crossover in iron(III) complexes with aromatic anions. Dalton Transactions. Created : June, 18 2019
iCGS-2019-028 Suthon Srivaro*, Zoltán Börcsök, Zoltán Pásztory, and Sataporn Jantawee . (2019). Finger joint performance of green rubberwood lumber. Wood Material Science and Engineering,14 (4), 9110-9116. Created : June, 12 2019
iCGS-2019-026 Manas Kotepui. Prevalence and laboratory analysis of Plasmodium sp. and dengue co-infection: A systematic review and meta-analysis. BMC Public Health. Created : June, 6 2019
iCGS-2019-025 Manas Kotepui. Prevalence of Malarial Recurrence and Hematological Alteration Following the Initial Drug Regimen: A Retrospective Study in Western Thailand. BMC Public Health. Created : June, 6 2019
iCGS-2019-024 Manas Kotepui, Kwuntida Uthaisar Kotepui. Application Software on Malaria for Self-Learning Students. BMC Medical Education. Created : June, 6 2019
iCGS-2019-023 Apichai Wattanapisit, Prachyapan Petchuay, Sanhapan Wattanapisit, Titiporn Tuangratananon . (2019). Developing a training programme in physical activity counselling for undergraduate medical curricula: a nationwide Delphi study . BMJ Open,9 (e030425). Created : June, 4 2019
iCGS-2019-022 Apichai Wattanapisit, Sanhapan, Wattanapisit, Sunton Wongsiri. Public health perspectives on eSports. Public Health Reports. Created : June, 4 2019
iCGS-2019-021 Daris Samart, Phongpichit Channuie. Composite Nambu–Jona-Lasinio inflation near infrared fixed point of the Horava-Lifshitz theory. Physical Review D. Created : June, 4 2019
iCGS-2019-019 Prapaporn Chaniad, Tachpon Techarang, Arisara Phuwajaroanpong, Chuchard Punsawad. (2019). Anti-malarial activity and toxicological assessment of Betula alnoides extract against Plasmodium berghei infections in mice. Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine,Article ID 2324679 1-8. Created : May, 25 2019
iCGS-2019-017 Pharunee Sarmphim • Yaowarat Sirisathitkul • Kasidapa Polprasarn • Chitnarong Sirisathitkul. (2019). Dynamic Light Scattering and Image Analysis of FePt Based Nanoparticles from Size-Selective Precipitation. Journal of Cluster Science. Created : May, 24 2019
iCGS-2019-016 Renuka Phetrit, Manat Chaijan, Supaluk Sorapukdee and Worawan Panpipat. (2019). Characterization of nipa palm (Nypa fruticans Wurmb.) sap and syrup as functional ingredient. Sugar Tech,- (-), 1-11. Created : May, 23 2019
iCGS-2019-015 Worawan Panpipat and Manat Chaijan. (2020). Long-term salting affects physicochemical and functional properties of acid-aided pH shifted protein isolate from over-salted albumen. International Journal of Food Science and Technology,- (-), 1-26. Created : May, 22 2019
iCGS-2019-014 Somchai Sawatdee, Apichart Atipairin. (2020). Formulation and physical evaluation of cream containing Chromolaena odorata and Centella asiatica leaf extracts. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research,11 (1), 1-6. Created : May, 21 2019
iCGS-2019-013 Anuchit Hunyek, Chitnarong Sirisathitkul and Pongsakorn Jantaratana. (2019). Comparative Electromagnetic Properties of Polypropylene Composites Loaded with Cobalt Ferrites by Melt Mixing. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NANOELECTRONICS AND MATERIALS ,12 (4), 459-466. Created : May, 20 2019
iCGS-2019-012 P. Saetang, T. Charoensuk, U. Boonyang, P. Jantaratana and C. Sirisathitkul. (2020). Phase transformations in Mn-Al and Mn-Bi Magnets by repeated heat treatment. Transactions of the Indian Institute of Metals. Created : May, 20 2019
iCGS-2019-010 Uthen Thubsuang, Suphawadee Chotirut, Kamchai Nuithitikul, Apirak Payaka, Nicharat Manmuanpom, Thanyalak Chaisuwan, and Sujitra Wongkasemjit. (2020). Oxidative upgrade of furfural to succinic acid using SO3H-carbocatalysts with nitrogen functionalities based on polybenzoxazine. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science,565 (-), 96-109. Created : May, 19 2019
iCGS-2019-009 Somchai Sawatdee, Apichart Atipairin. (2020). Formulation and physical evaluation of cream containing Chromolaena odorata and Centella asiatica leaf extracts. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research,11 (1), 1-6. Created : May, 15 2019
iCGS-2019-007 Suthon Srivaro,* Banyat Cherdchim,and Zoltan Pasztory . (2019). Bending and Compressive Properties of Finger Jointed Oil Palm Wood Product. Bioresources,14 (3), 6341-6352. Created : May, 13 2019
iCGS-2019-006 Sakaewan Ounjaijean, Manas Kotepui, Voravuth Somsak. (2019). Antimalarial activity of Tinospora baenzigeri against Plasmodium berghei infected mice. Journal of Tropical Medical. Created : May, 13 2019
iCGS-2019-005 Sakaewan Ounjaijean, Voravuth Somsak. (2020). Combination of zingerone and dihydroartemisinin presented synergistic antimalarial activity against Plasmodium berghei infection in BALB/c mice as in vivo model. Parasitology International. Created : May, 13 2019
iCGS-2019-004 Sakaewan Ounjaijean, Nattida Benjasak, Suchanan Sae-lao, Voravuth Somsak. Increasing antimalarial effect by artesunate combination with kaempferol in experimental mice. Journal of Pathogens. Created : May, 13 2019
iCGS-2019-003 Chuchard Punsawad, Parnpen Viriyavejakul and Tachpon Techarang . (2019). Surfactant Protein D Is Altered in Experimental Malaria-Associated Acute Lung Injury/Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. Journal of Tropical Medicine,Article ID 9281605 1-7. Created : May, 12 2019
iCGS-2019-002 Chuchard Punsawad and Parnpen Viriyavejakul. (2019). Sphingosine kinase 1 and sphingosine 1-phosphate receptor 3 are involved in malaria-associated acute lung injury/acute respiratory distress syndrome in a mouse model. PLOS ONE,14 (9), 0. Created : May, 12 2019
iCGS-2019-001 Putrada Ninla-aesong, Winyou Mitarnun, Kusumarn Noipha. Proinflammatory cytokines and chemokines as biomarkers of persistent arthralgia and severe disease after chikungunya virus infection: a 5-year follow-up study in Southern Thailand. Viral Immunology. Created : May, 11 2019